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The CCS (formerly MICCS) Construction Safesite¬© substance abuse card validation system allows qualified, registered card managers to obtain the status of field or office personnel in an anonymous and efficient manner. The system combines substance abuse records from the CCS Substance Abuse Program and several other reciprocal CCS programs into one database for the construction industry to validate employee substance abuse records in one location.  The report the system provides a card manager is in an anonymous, easy to evaluate format that ensures that all past drug testing records for each and every employee under the CCS program are transferred from jobsite to jobsite.  This greatly reduces duplication of testing and the ability for employees to have records in multiple substance abuse programs. 

If you have any questions about beginning the process of:

  • Becoming a card manager
  • Implementing the CCS program companywide
  • Seeking reciprocal status to be ultimately incorporated into the CCS database

Contact the CCS office at 317-686-2665 for more information. 

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